Who are we again?

Red Dot Web Studios is a Singapore-based (often referred to as a little red dot) web development and digital marketing agency.

Our mission is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs accomplish great things online with affordable, fixed-price and transparent web solutions – so no sneaky hidden charges down the project pipeline for our clients or you.

"Red Dot has given us valuable insights and feedback on our online marketing that has helped our business get more new customers."
Jason Ho - Gu Thai Noodle Cafe
Jason Ho
Marketing Manager, Noodle Cafe, Gu Thai Noodle Cafe

5 reasons to work with us

making it one of the best business decisions you have ever made

We ain’t the cheapest but we're a great value

Website design and development can cost ten of thousands of dollars and even then, prices vary crazily between agencies with different levels of support and features.
Over the years, we refined our business model and found the sweet spot with fuss-free fixed-price model that maintains high standards of creative website design with all the awesome features that most businesses need.
Don’t make the mistake of going for the cheapest agency and risking your business in the process. Go for one that understands your business and gives you the best value. 

We are small

Only where it counts 😉

Large web design and development agencies have huge overheads that are passed onto you!

We are a small business based in Singapore with low operating costs so we understand the needs of business owners who require an online presence that also helps them grow their business but also don’t want the burden of paying crazy project fees and retainers.

All our fees are transparent and dare we say, damn affordable. So be a dear, support us. 

Unlimited Support

Unlike some agencies, we don’t charge you for continued support and consultation after your website goes online.

We are looking to build a long-term business relationship and believe in giving great support to all of our clients. If you need us, just call or email and we will get back to you PRONTO

Every business needs a strategy. Even for their website.

Before your web development starts, we will have a strategy session with you to find out what makes your business tick, how we can better sell your products/ services using the web as a medium and who your target customers are.
That way, we can create your  website tailored for your business that maximises the conversion of every visitor to your website and get them to buy from you.
It’s like having an extra sales person except he is always working 24/7. How cool is that? Even the Ministry of Manpower can’t fault you.  
Strategy session before website development starts

Keeping it simple for you

Who wants to spend weeks learning a complicated software to manage your website? Nobody!

Unlike the complex content management system (CMS) used by other agencies, we power your website using the world’s most popular and versatile CMS, WordPress. 75 million websites can’t be wrong.

In the event you are too busy to manage your website, we provide free 3 months maintenance and updates. 

Kick start your business online. Start your website with us.

Get your free business consult

Start risk-free with no obligations and find how we will help you generate more leads and sales for your website with digital marketing.

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